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spindle get started Getting Started on a Drop Spindle
Maggie Casey
(Video download)
Maggie Casey will teach you how to use a drop spindle, a simple, portable tool, to make your own yarn. [more info...]



spinners toolboxA Spinner's Toolbox
Judith McKenzie
(Video download)
Six drafting techniques for crafting any yarn you can imagine. More details...

spinners toolboxGentle Art of Plying
Judith McKenzie
(video Download -HD)
Plying is not an afterthought. Its your gateway into the vast world of yarn design. More details...



spinners toolboxSpinning Luxury Fiber (video Download)
From Alpaca and Yak to Cashmere and Silk, learn to spin all these luxury fibers now available as a video download! More details...


big lofty Big and Lofty Yarns (video download)
Spin the big, soft yarns of your dreams with Maggie Casey.



A Spinner's Toolbox (video download)
Spinning Cotton (Download) Cotton was perhaps the most important fiber of the ancient world with Stephenie Gaustad.
More details...



spinners toolboxSpin-Off
1 Year Subscription
With Spin-Off you find the best tips and techniques for beginner to advanced spinners on all aspects of spinning. Well help you choose the right wheel; understand the basics of selecting, preparing, and spinning fibers. More details...

Knit-spin MagInterweave Knit & Spin, 2011: Digital Edition
Spin-Off Magazine presents its very first special issue publication! More details...


Spinning Books

respect drop spindle

Respect the Spindle
Abby Franquemont
The perfect how-to book for any spinner with a growing collection of spindles.[more info...]

spinControlSpin Control: Techniques for Spinning the Yarn You Want
Amy King

Spin Control teaches you to make handspun yarns that may include the best traits of commercial yarns but always have their own personal touches. More details...




Spin Art: Mastering the Craft of Spinning Textured Yarn + DVD
Jacey Boggs
Paperback with flaps and DVD

Push your spinning skills to new heights and get adventurous with textured yarn. More details...





Spin to KnitStart Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn
Maggie Casey

The art of spinning is growing in popularity as knitters, new and experienced, want to make their own yarn. All it takes is some fluff, a spindle or wheel, and a little practice! Maggie Casey, co-owner of Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins yarn shop in Boulder, Colorado, and veteran spinning teacher, takes complete novices to competent spinners in Start Spinning: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Yarn. More details...



spinControlTaking the Measure of Handspun Yarn
Rita Buchanan

The primary joy of spinning for many of us is in the act itself. But there is also great pleasure and satisfaction in taking the yarns we create to their conclusion in well-designed, well-made fabrics.More details...





Spinner's Questions
Rita Buchanan

Spinning yarn skillfully and intentionally involves many variables the particular material at hand, the mechanics of the spinning device, the intended use of the yarn, physical attributes of the spinner, some would even argue phases of the moon. More details...





Spin to KnitSpin-Off Presents: Spin Your Socks

The editors of Spin-Off magazine have compiled a 45-page electronic book featuring 8 sock patterns from back issues of Spin-Off for your spinning and knitting pleasure. More details...

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