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Blue Faced Leicester Top
Blue Faced Leicester Top A popular BFL, this is a white top, that is very lustrous and soft. I..
Dark Blue Faced Leicester Top
Dark Blue Faced Leicester Top The difference between the white and Dark Leicester is the color, but..
Fine Shetland Top
This British combed top is super soft and easy to spin. (packaged in 1/2 lb bags) Available in 3 sha..
Merino Top
White Merino Top A wonderfully soft, 22 micron fine wool, Merino is terrific for any next-to-skin g..
Spinners are always on the lookout for more breed-specific fibers that are handled in such a way as ..
New Zealand Natural Roving (Coopworth wool)
New Zealand Natural is very similair to our Coopworth, in that it is 33 micron fiber, with approxima..
Norwegian Top
Norwegian White Top Combed top from Norwegian sheep. Norwegian White is a white fiber similar ..
Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester Top
Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester A natural grey color of the Blue faced Leicester.   ..
Welsh Top
Dark Brown Welsh Top This English Welsh is very dark, and is comparable to the New Zealand Nat..
 Welsh Top
This English Welsh is very dark, and is comparable to our New Zealand Natural fiber. The staple leng..
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Cheviot White Wool Top
White Cheviot combed top - imported from the UK ..
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