Drum Carders

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 Ashford Drum Carder Packer Brush
Packing brush for both fine and coarse carders.  The brush helps to pack the carded fibers ont..
 Ashford Drum Carders
Fiber preparation made easy - 2 ratios for control - adjustable drums for all fibres - lacquered ..
 Ashford Wild Drum Carder
Make unique blends for art yarn - adjustable packer brush - extra long 72ppsi teeth - adjustable ..
Louet Carder - Standard (extra Fine)
Louët has five different drumcarders: the Classic, Standard, Junior (or Roving), Elite and Electric ..
Louet XL Drum Carder - Standard
New in 2013, the XL Standard Drumcarder is a Clydesdale! The diameter of the drum is 10 1/2" and the..
Louet Carder  - Classic
The Classic Drumcarder used to be called the Standard Drumcarder and has been with us for over 20 ye..
Louet  Carder - Elite
This carder was designed for the spinners who want to be able to perform a range of techniques on th..
Louet Carder  - Roving (extra Fine)
If you card fibers occasionally or card for small projects, this is the carder for you. It has the s..
Louet - Electric Carding Machine
The drums on the electric model are the same as on the Classic Drumcarder. The 10" diameter and 7½" ..
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