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Online Handspinning Classes - General Information

The Joy of Handspinning is very excited to now be able to offer live interactive handspinning classes, online to our customers. With the use of web technology, you can now learn how to handspin from the comfort of your own home from anywhere in the world. We are offering group classes and private classes. All you need to attend a class is an Internet connection, even if it is a 28.8 dial-up connection. All audio is done over the Internet, so you will not need to have a separate phone line to hear the audio portion of the class. All our classes will be given "Live" by an experienced instructor. In our virtual classroom you will be able to:

  • speak or use text to ask questions
  • interact with a "Live" instructor
  • view live video demonstrations
  • download course materials
  • share photos
  • chat with other participants
  • take quality classes at a low price, and more

    just like in a regular classroom. If you have a *webcam, you can have the instructor switch the control to you so that they can watch you spin and provide personal instruction. A list of course materials are provided with each class so that you can follow along with the instructor. You also have the option of just viewing the classes - your level of class participation, is totally up to you. After you complete a class you will receive a certificate of completion.

    *Microphones and webcams are optional features, they are not required for attending or participating in a class.

    WebTrain Communications
    We are partnering with WebTrain Communications for our online classes. We chose WebTrain because of their multimedia features and their intuitive user-friendly classroom enviroment. No special hardware or software purchase is required for you to take our classes. Most importantly, we are happy to be able to offer you quality courses at a low price.

    January 2004 Courses
    Drop Spindle Spinning for Beginners - 1 hour, January 24th
    HandspinningTechniques for Beginners - 2 hours, January 31st

    Class & Refund Policy
    The deadline for registration on all classes is 1 week before the class commences. You also have the option of withdrawing from a registered class 1 week before the class begins and receive a full refund. After the deadline, if you cannot attend a class you have registered for, you will be given the option of scheduling a private class ($5.00 more than a group class) or to be added to the next group class for that particular course.

    Technical Issues
    Since we are using web technology to run our classes, of course anything can go wrong. If you cannot complete a course because of a breakdown in the WebTrain system (not hardware incompatiblity) you will be given the option of refunding the remaining time in the course or rescheduling the time that remains. We highly recommend that you read the audio and participant tutorials before the class and attend a free WebTrain demo. The confirmation email you receive after you register will also give you additional instructions to help you prepare for your class, and help you become familiar with the classroom environment.
    You can also contact us for assistance and for any questions that you have.

    We also offer private courses upon request. Details coming soon.

    Tuition Payment
    You can pay for your class tuition with Paypal, all major credit cards, personal check, and money order. We can only accept credit cards and checks that are drawn from US banks. You can use PayPal to make your payment with the following currencies; U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. (Course tuition prices are in US dollars) Use our mail-in form for checks and money orders.

    Please review the system requirements below, needed to run our online classes.

    System Requirements

  • Pentium class 166 MHz PC or better
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
  • Full-duplex sound card
  • 28.8 kbps modem dial-up or better
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 (or higher)
  • Cookies must be enabled.

    You will need speakers to hear audio and a microphone if you wish to talk. A headset is recommended for full-duplex VoiceChat (to speaker and hear the audio simultaneously). Webcams are supported but not required. A free software download is required, therefore your network, firewall and or PC security must be set to allow this.

    Netscape Users: The WebTrain web site was specifically designed for Internet Explorer. Some pages may not work properly using Netscape or other browsers. You can download Internet Explorer from Microsoft at

    Apple/Macintosh Users: The current version of the WebTrain was designed for IBM-compatible PCs. However, WebTrain will run on Macs using PC-emulation software such as Virtual PC from Connectix.

  • Copyright © 1999-2004, The Joy of Handspinning® All rights reserved.

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